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"With a feeling for Africa"

Afrisensio s.r.o.

Afrisensio s.r.o. Services

Security-oriented services

Afrisensio s.r.o. provides security consulting services in order to protect our clients and their investments. We combine risk assessment, risk management, and crisis consulting to grant you the most effective protection. If needed, we are also able to provide personal protection or special travel insurance thanks to chosen partners.

Our analysts follow the situation in sub-Saharan Africa and particularly terrorism, war, civil war, political unrest, revolutions, rebellions, riots, strikes and other types of threats.

Our services - fully adjustable depending on your needs - consist of:

  • Threats monitoring, security analysis and review,
  • Escort of travelling businessmen or delegations,
  • Risk-awareness training (seminars),

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Economy-oriented services

Afrisensio s.r.o. may help you to develop your business in sub-Saharan Africa by:

  • Finding trade opportunities,
  • Finding business partners,
  • Checking chosen companies,
  • Doing market research,
  • Looking for local managers and service providers,
  • Organizing your business trips,
  • Coaching your employees through cross-cultural training seminars...

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